New! “Hu HaMelech”

Jewish music is one of my favorite forms of inspiration. Nissim Black and Gad Elbaz do a fantastic job to inspire others through their music.

Enjoy this latest song!

Nissim Black is an American-Israeli Hassidic Rapper, and is from Seattle, Washington.  Nissim with his wife and seven children live in Beit Shemesh. Gad Elbaz is a well known, Israeli Sephardic singer and composer from Rehovot.

“This was a very special show at Yeshiva Meshi for some very special students in Ramat Shlomo, Jerusalem. Chaim Elchanan Eldan inspired me – he writes a lot by typing with his nose faster than I type with my hands” Nissim Black.

Preview  below.

“Hu HaMelech” is now streaming on your favorite platform!