Interview with Rabbi Leo Dee

Rabbi Leo Dee spoke at an international press conference in Efrat just several days after his wife and two daughters were  murdered by terrorists during Pesach 2023.

“After the tragedy, I said to my children, we are now entering a new world. World number one was with two parents and five children and world number two is with one parent with three children. We are going to continue, to be happy and have fun and live this life as best as we can.” Rabbi Leo Dee

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Interview with Rebbetzin Gila Ross

“At the end of my life I want to be able to say that I contributed more than I criticized.”

Rebbetzin Gila Ross is a life coach and educator for over 20 years. She specializes in helping jewish women to find and actualize their greatness and get the fulfilling relationships they want and become the best parents they can be. She is a mother of eight children and has lived in Israel, Berlin, the UK, Calgary, Vancouver B.C. and recently moved to Denver, Colorado. Continue reading “Interview with Rebbetzin Gila Ross”

Interview with Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

Rabbi Zelig Pliskin is an Orthodox rabbi, author, lecturer, and self-development coach. He has published 27 books, including Gateway to Happiness; Conversations with Yourself (on the art of upgrading self-talk); Building Your Self-image and the Self-image of Others; Upgrade Your Mind, Upgrade Your Life; Self-Confidence: Formulas, Stories, and Insights; and Harmony with Others: Formulas, Stories, and Insights. Continue reading “Interview with Rabbi Zelig Pliskin”