Interview with Rabbi Dov Ber Cohen

“By controlling our breath we can calm our mind down. We need to make the commentary in our mind more sweet and loving.” Rav Dov Ber

Rabbi Dov Ber Cohen grew up in London and studied philosophy at Manchester University.  He lived in Asia for six years studying and practicing Eastern paths to self-actualisation and purpose. At 29 he went to Israel and walked the length of Israel in 40 days, and connected to Judaism. He spent several years studying in yeshiva, got smicha and ran several trips to Thailand, India, Peru and Nicaragua for young Jewish professionals. 

Now qualified as a rabbi and living in Jerusalem, he has opened up Living in Tune – Authentic Jewish Mindfulness.

Next 8-week session starting Sunday, May 19, 2024

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To hear the entire  interview with Rabbi Dov Ber and learn about his amazing Authentic Jewish mindfulness course, click on the link below.