The Disco Rabbi – Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman

As told by Rabbi Joey Haber on Torah Anytime Daily Dose.

“The Torah tells us that if you save one life, it is like you save the whole world? After the six day war in 1967, I said to myself, what can I do to thank G-d for the miracles. I will leave Jerusalem and go to a place that is very dark – Migdal HaEmek. This city at this time was the worst city filled with crime, drugs. I decided that I will build a home for these kids. Because when you speak to them face to face in jails, in the discos, I found that these kids are good guys.” Rabbi Dovid Grossman Continue reading “The Disco Rabbi – Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman”

A shidduch on an Egged Bus

Ms. Galya Kalfa was born and raised in Toronto and made Aliyah to Yerushalayim at the age of 12 with her family. She is a Wingate Institute certified Health and Fitness Coach, as well as a Hydrotherapist. She studied in Shiras Sarah, a Teacher’s Training Fellowship, under the guidance of Rabbi Yitzchak Feigenbaum as well as Master Class, under the guidance of Melinda French Gates. Continue reading “A shidduch on an Egged Bus”

Lost and found 

Author’s note: 22 years since Koby zt”l was murdered, and my heart still breaks for his mother Sherri Mandell and the extended family. This is a blog that I wrote years ago about what meeting Koby meant for me and the impact he had on my life. Please take a few minutes to remember him, and learn about the important work the Koby Mandell Foundation does for the surviving families. They are currently fundraising and I would be honored if you would join me in supporting their important work. Photo of Koby Mandell z”l with his parents at his bar mitzvah (M. Lottner) Continue reading “Lost and found “

 WHISPER FREEDOM: The Soviet Jewry Struggle premieres on Sunday, March 6 at the IASA Theater in Givat HaMassua.

Two years ago, our theater company, The Women’s Performance Community of Jerusalem had planned to hold auditions for a new musical, written by myself and the talented Avital Macales. This historical musical, “WHISPER FREEDOM: The Soviet Jewry Struggle”, transports us to 1970s Moscow. Displeased that Jews are rediscovering their connections to Israel and the Jewish people, the Soviet regime and the KGB are tightening their grip on the Jewish community – preventing them from living as Jews, or leaving as Jews. Continue reading ” WHISPER FREEDOM: The Soviet Jewry Struggle premieres on Sunday, March 6 at the IASA Theater in Givat HaMassua.”

Less Water, More Oreos

I’ve taken to watering my plants when I am worried about my children. I listen carefully to the instructions when buying the plants. I nod with every intention of cooperating as the guy at the nursery says, “Not more than twice a week.” And then I go home, I see my kids sprawled out on the couch in front of their screens in the midst of an under-programmed summer, and I take the hose to the backyard to water my anxieties away.  Continue reading “Less Water, More Oreos”