Ask the Rebbetzin – Shabbat Observance

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Q: I am baal teshuva, we started to keep Shabbos about 5 years ago. My husband was supportive at first but now he is drifting away. I love to invite people for Friday dinner but my husband is resentful to invite more observant people from the community and therefore no one invites us. We are older people in our 60’s and no longer have children at home. On Shabbos, despite preparing a delicious meal and serving it on a beautiful table, I feel very lonely and somewhat sad. I am at a loss how I can inspire my husband. Local Rabbi offered to study with my husband, but he declined.

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Ask the Rebbetzin – Shabbat

Q: I am very ill, slowly deteriorating, and living alone – my lovely children have grown up and the three here in the UK are married, not living anywhere close. I’m trying to move to be closer to them but it’s proving very difficult. I have a good non-Jewish home help, and if I need council carers they will come in to help me wash and dress, but mostly I have to manage. As I slowly lose abilities to do things, I’m struggling so much with Shabbat – last Shabbos for the first time I didn’t even manage to make kiddush either time, or eat solids, and now have to light candles in a glass container as I go to sleep soon after. I’m in a lot of pain, and unable to read more than a page or so before it’s too much. How do I adjust internally to find a deep knowing I am still in Shabbat kodesh, even if the physical things that I’ve done all my life are now becoming impossible? Any suggestions appreciated. Continue reading “Ask the Rebbetzin – Shabbat”