What Challah Taught Me About Life

“This is the 9th Shabbat that I am making Challah for Soldiers. I make it by hand, it’s a labor of love. It dictates my day…..So while they are fighting the physical war, we must nourish them and preserve the home as we battle the spiritual war.” Anat Ishai aka Challah Mom

Challah Mom, with 135K followers on Instagram, is a very inspiring Jewish woman. She uses her platform to amplify voices in Israel and Judaism.

Challah Mom along with her four children and husband made aliyah from Canada just 30 days before October 7th.

Living as a new immigrant in Israel, among the adventure, uncertainty and war, Challah Mom told her children:

“How did I merit to have children like you who came to Israel on the trust in the wings of their mother and father. To have you in Israel to be the future of this country. What did I do in my life to deserve children like you.”

Challah Mom spoke about “What Challah Taught Me About Life,” to mark International Women’s Day by supporting NA’AMAT scholarships for women in Israel. 

To hear Challah Mom speak about What Challah Taught Me About Life, please click on the audio link below.