Aryeh Kunstler with Benny Friedman

Aryeh Kunstler with Benny Friedman sings – A Tefillah to Hashem.

“I’ve wanted to do a cover of this song for a while. Saw Benny was in the area and grabbed him to record this gorgeous song.” -Aryeh Kunstler

Aryeh Kunstler is an American Orthodox Jewish singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer, and composer born in New York.  He attended Touro College and Sh’or Yoshuv yeshiva.

Benny Friedman is an American Hasidic Jewish singer and a non-pulpit rabbi. He was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, where his father, Rabbi Manis Friedman, was a Chabad shaliach. His uncle (his father’s brother) is Orthodox Jewish singing superstar Avraham Fried.

TEFILAH by @omeradam (originally by Ofra Haza) featuring @bennysmusic.

Listen to the song below and enjoy.