A 3-Minute Life Lesson: Believe in Yourself

Photo by Corina – Ardeleanu on Unsplash

Rebbetzin Sara Feldbrand is an educator and writer. For decades, she was involved in Kiruv, while also serving as the principal at various Seminaries in the U.S. and Canada.

Rebbetzin Feldbrand’s best selling books have been praised by many well known rabbis, educators and mental health professionals. Some of her books have been translated into French, German and Russian. She is currently available to conduct workshops on topics such as tefillah and personal growth. She also counsels, mainly through her email address: ask.the.rebetzin@gmail.com. 

Rebbetzin Feldbrand has two manuscripts in the works. For sponsorship  opportunities, please contact info@israelbookshoppublications.com. 

To hear Rebbetzin Sara Feldbrand’s 3-Minute Life Lesson –  Believe in yourself, please click on the audio link below.