Book Review: It’s All The Same to Me

It’s All the Same To Me- A Torah Guide to Inner Peace and Love of Life by Moshe Gersht

“What we will discover together is that the most important thing you can bring to the world is your true self, with all its colors- not the image that has been created by your social network, not the projected thoughts of your parents or friends.” In his book It’s All the Same to Me, Moshe Gersht colors his pages with positivity, Torah wisdom, and new and ancient philosophical teachings, guiding the reader to a better understanding of how we see the world and ourselves.

“Life is happening. It stops for no one. It has been said that life is God in action.” Gersht begins his book by urging the reader to erase negativity (“negativity is only a mindset”) and to redefine our worldview- we think we see the big picture when, in reality, we are viewing that picture through a small keyhole. We define ourselves by how others define us. We let our ego– which Gersht defines as Edging God Out- decide that we “know better than God regarding how things should develop.” 

The author’s own experience is remarkable: “I spent over seven years pursuing a career as the lead singer in a rock band. In the end, it appears, being the front man of a pop-punk band is not my essential mission in this world. But does that mean that all the years of time, energy, and money invested in this dream were wasted? Absolutely not.” Gersht shed his own negativity, shed his own ego as he defines it, discovered humility, and wrote this book to teach us to “become a professional at living a joyful and fulfilling life.”

And that’s only the first half of the story. Gersht continues in the second half by posing questions and offering solutions: “Don’t take anything personally…Let go of being right… View compliments and criticism the same way.” He endorses practicing gratitude- “first thing in the morning, take time to appreciate the precious gift of life that is yours, everything you have, and all of your relationships…Just a few minutes of sincere gratitude can totally shift the nature of your day. Gratitude is an elixir.”

I personally always thought mocha chip ice cream or a chocolate bar was my elixir. But I acknowledge the power of gratitude too. A friend frequently takes gratitude walks, appreciating the beautiful world around her as she strolls to her destination. As mentioned in prior reviews, I love walking on the beach- enhanced if I have that mocha chip ice cream cone in my hand- giving gratitude to Hashem for the cool water (freezing cold, actually, in southern Maine), the soft sand, and the salt water infused air. Gersht endorses spending time in nature, finding time to enjoy life, living with integrity and spending time alone. “Chase your dreams, but chase them knowing that there are infinite possibilities about the things you really want to do, knowing that success isn’t tied to the outcome you have set in your mind.” 

Read this book for inspiration and guidance, dream big, think positive, have gratitude, and enjoy the salt air and ice cream. Preferably mocha chip!

Randy Rubinstein lives in Sharon, Massachusetts