Interview with Rabbi Asher Resnick

As a bereaved parent for the loss of his 12 year old daughter to leukemia, Rabbi Resnick’s extensive writings on loss, difficulties, and trauma provide a sensitive Jewish perspective on coping with these fundamental life issues. 

Rabbi Asher Resnick was born and raised in LA and graduated from UCLA with a BA in Psychology. He received rabbinic ordination from Aish HaTorah and the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem. He served as a senior lecturer at the Institute of Jewish Legal and Medical Ethics in San Francisco and at the Aish HaTorah Branch in New York. 

He has been teaching the foundations of Judaism for over 30 years at Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem, as well as in numerous other yeshivot, seminaries and kiruv training programs. As a close student of Rav Noach Weinberg, zt”l, he developed a special expertise in addressing fundamental issues in Judaism, as well as in bringing classical texts to life. 

His website,, brings his expertise from over thirty-five years of teaching and writing to the wider Jewish world. It contains proofs of G-d and Torah, core philosophical and theological issues, accessible and meaningful messages for all of the Jewish Holidays, teaching materials for the Rambam, as well as classical Jewish sources addressing painful difficulties and challenges in life.

 His new book, Pain is a Reality, Suffering is a Choice is available at

To hear Rabbi Resnick’s interview, please click on the audio link below.